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Ridge Fertility & IVF Centre
Infertility Treatment)


Infertility Women
What is the process of fertilization in women?

In women, as a result of various hormonal changes and other bodily changes egg develops within the follicle. When the egg matures; it is released from the follicle and is collected by fallopian tube to be moved towards the uterus. The egg is then ripe for getting fertilized and if the

quality of cervical mucus is proper ensuring free flow of sperms in uterus, and the quality of the sperm is undiminished, the fertilization takes place.

What causes Female infertility?

Infertility in female can be due to various reasons and the treatment procedures and the processes that we consider at our Ridge IVF female infertility treatment center is based on the in-depth analysis of the diagnostic report of the patient. Some of the conditions that cause female infertility include the following:

  Ovulatory problems including Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
  Tubal Blockage
  Age and fertility
  Unexplained infertility

How is female infertility treated?
Approach to treatment

The approach at our female infertility treatment centre is strictly based upon the merit of the diagnostic reports. Our experts are highly qualified and know how to resist the temptation of jumping on to any conclusion. They focus on the medical evidences and start the treatment procedure basis the diagnosed condition that causes infertility in women. Below are some major conditions that relate to infertility in women and the approach to treatment for the same.

Tubal Blockage

In normal circumstances, fallopian tubes pick up the released egg and help to move it towards uterus. Damage to the tubes may impede transport of egg. Tubal blockage can result from any infection which travels up to the tube from neck of womb, or uterus or from peritoneal cavity. If fluid collects in the fallopian tube it may be toxic to embryo. Hence if fluid seen in the tube, tube is clipped or removed.

Ovulatory Problem:
Such problems can occur as result of hormonal imbalance. The imbalance may arise either within the brain, pituitary gland or in the ovaries. Other associated causes are excessive weight loss, premature ovarian failure, excessive prolactin and polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Occasionally fibroids found within the cavity of womb and muscle of womb may cause difficulty in embryo growth. Thus fibroids are removed before starting the treatment.

Age and Fertility:
In any women, advancing age mars the prospect of getting pregnant. Further the chances of conceiving and seeing through the pregnancy period successfully also decrease rapidly between 35 and 40 years of age. In addition, the chances of miscarriage double as the age advances. Miscarriage can also be due to abnormal chromosomes in the fertilized egg and the same is attributed to the advancing age of the patient.

Unexplained Infertility:
Unexplained Infertility refers to cases in which the standard infertility testing has not found a cause for the failure to conceive. Unexplained infertility affects 15% of infertile couples. It tends to be a diagnosis based on exclusion. You may be said to have unexplained fertility if you cannot conceive in spite of the following:

    Normal ovulation
    Open and healthy fallopian tubes
    No signs of pelvic adhesions
    No presence of endometriosis
    The partner is healthy and fertile

Infertility Men
What is the normal anatomy involved with male fertility factor?
The sperms have to travel a long route before emission. The Vas Deferens, which carries the semen containing the sperms after production in the testes, traverses from the bottom of the scrotum to the top. The Vas Deferens then curves towards the penis from either side. In a common passage in the penis, semen is ejaculated from the tip.

How much a male is responsible for infertility of the couple?
Male Factor:
It is found 40% of the infertility cases are due to male factor defects. Diagnosis and treatment of the problems related to male factor is one of the true success stories in the field of reproductive medicine and male infertility treatment. Male fertility screening is done through semen analysis at our clinic.

What is Sperm Disorder?
Sperm disorders make up for one of the main causes of male infertility. Men who are facing infertility related problems are most of the time diagnosed with sperm disorders. The type of disorder can vary from their low count to their agility. Further, the problems related to morphology of the sperms are also been known to be one of the other main reasons for infertility in men.

How sperm disorder or overall problems related to male factor are treated?
Approach to treatment

At Ridge IVF we pay proper attention to the detailed diagnostic reports and never pre-assume the role of any single partner for the failure of the couple to be blessed with parenthood. Our approach to treatment is highly professional and in strict compliance to the ethical guidelines. The clinical approach to the male infertility treatment followed by us at Ridge IVF includes the following:

  Assessment of the diagnostic reports of both the partners
  For treatment of complications in the male partner, our experts further conduct tests to
    determine the actual problem with the sperms
  For conditions related to shape of the sperm cells/ morphology of the sperm cells,
    techniques are used to concentrate sperms that are normal and further the same sperms
    are used for intrauterine insemination.
  For cases where sperm cell count is low as per the set standards and the motility of the
    cells and their morphology is also in question; for such cases, IVF with ICSI techniques
    are used in tandem
  However for cases where the low sperm count is due to temporary causes and could be
    easily treated, our experts at Ridge IVF focus on inducing treatment for male infertility
    along with advising some of the following lifestyle changes.
  1. Keep away from smoking
  2. Avoid unhealthy eating habits
  3. Regular exercise
  4. Avoid consumption of alcohol
  5. Keep away from work stress

Treatments Available

  Egg Donation
    Male Infertility Treatment
   IVF Treatment
   ICSI Treatment
   IMSI Treatment
   Blastocyst Transfer
    IUI Treatment

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